Being ME, the ‘ME’ stands for Muslimah Empowered, aspires to be the leading Muslimah organization focusing on faith, confidence, action and community. Starting out as a Conference in 2011, Being ME has now grown to include a portfolio of unique events focusing on the Muslimah Empowerment agenda and currently operate in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa and Online. The Toronto conference remains our largest event.


This conference embarks upon the mission to give all Muslim women a voice or an outlet to express the reality of their lifestyles, share accomplishments that benefit humanity and inspire others to do the same. We also provide the opportunity for all Muslim women to connect with each other so that we become pillars that support each other and the Deen.


In 2018, Being ME expanded its scope to include year-round initiatives and developed niche products catering to different segments within our community.

Legacy Tour
Held at a masjid near you, we explore the lives of Muslim women throughout the ages who rose to great heights, overcame incredible odds, and left a lasting legacy for those to come after.

Coffee Therapy
We addresses hot topics/trends, community challenges, current affairs and we endeavor to foster those discussion in a therapeutic fashion. The coffee just makes us think harder.

Muslimah Leaders’ Summit
Bringing together Muslimah leaders from our community in an effort to enable better dialogues and progressive action.

Entrepreneur Panel
A talk-show style feature for selected womenpreneurs to share their success story and inspire others to start their own businesses.

An education empowerment program designed to facilitate conversations with Muslim youth via engaging presentations & interactive workshops in a school setting.

Building ME
One day retreat offering critical discussions, one on one time with our teachers, and a unique opportunity to develop the bonds of sisterhood.

Eat. Pray. Love
A mini-conference product - it’s a “spa get-away” for your soul. We meet and learn from experts in nutrition, health, fitness, spirituality, and relationships.

Mini-conference where incredible women share powerful stories of personal challenges and spiritual triumphs that exemplify the very essence of resilience and trust in Allah.

Play & Pray Children’s Conference
A jam-packed day of innovative and exciting activities designed for your kids so your child will be inspired to rise to their greatest potential!

On-going sessions focused on training and development. It primarily focuses on professional development with occasional sessions relating to visioning and personal growth as viewed through an Islamic lens. DropPoint sessions are currently offered monthly in the GTA.

Intimate Conversations
A Muslim-friendly space for conversations around emotional and sexual intimacy between a husband and a wife.