Amina Ega

Amina Ega is an active member of the Ottawa Muslim community who has spent over 30 years as a teacher, mentor, and guide for children and youth of all ages. She is a mother, grandmother, educator, and a founder of Al-Fitrah Learning Center; an Ottawa based institution for the Islamic education focused on the teaching, nurturing, mentoring, and preservation of our Muslim community. Fluent in Swahili and Somali, Amina has worked as an interpreter for the Cultural Interpreters For Our Communities for the Somali and Swahili-speaking communities for 9 years. In the past, along with being a member of the sisters committee in her local masjid for nearly two years, Amina has spent 10 years as a member of the Muslim Family Hub; an Ottawa based non-profit organization driven to support Muslim children taken in by the Children’s Aid Society, by reconnecting them with their families or placing them with Muslim caregivers. She is a big believer that the creation of change in our communities must begin by growth and improvement on the intrapersonal level and expand outwards to our families and community.